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Principles that helps you to choose right mood for your home

Posted by on Dec 2, 2015

Principles that helps you to choose right mood for your home

We have a great opportunity to interduse you to the one of the greatest company in Delaware Valley – Jacobs Music. For a very long time, Jakob’s Music is one of the pioneers in the piano  retail bisnis. Thay are in the piano  retail bisnis for a long time, and thay managed to establish them selfs as the deeply structured company, who is always at  costumers servises. History of Jakobs Music, goes far  in the past.  From 1900 untill now, Jakob Music have been prowided only the best from the world of pianos.

History which gives confinance, tradition as a garantee of high servise, profesional manners, and above all – knowledge, are the just some of qualifications who helped  company to gain her place, and keep on growing on daily bases, in the world of piano retail bisnis.

By ofering the very best products in each category, thay have find the balance between the price and quality, in order to be recognizable as one of the best sevises for their costumers.

jacobs-musicJakobs Music is the only representative dealer for Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware county, chosen by Steinway and Sons, one of the best piano production company in the world, who was founded by master craftsmen, trained in the best European tradition. Jakobs Music is responsible at selling, technical service and concert and art services for Steinway and Sons pianos. Also, Jakobs Music represent a vast selection of new and used instruments from the world’s finest makers, including Yamaha, Disklavier, Clavinova, and Samick.

Steinway_Belly-DepartmentEmployees at Jakobs Music are true professional, who are long time in retail piano business. They are fully educated professionals, who will help and give all the answers that you have. In order the be always few steps in front, Jakobs Music have the one of the largest piano service departments in the country.  By using privilege of a Steinway representative, they have been finding talented technicians from the area, and giving them chance to go trough education at  Steinway factory, in order to become best retail piano service in the area.  Expertise and knowledge of Jacobs Music technician, gain by training In Stainway factory, are the best assurance for the customers. Highly trained and dedicated, Jakobs Music stuff are there to match the right piano with the right customer.

The Jacobs School of Music

All of this facts is a comon knowledge, here in are area. Jakobs Music is a company which have been helping people to find the wright piano for them, company who have served people with such passion, and professionalism, that at least, is fair to say this –  if you choose Jacobs Music, you have chosen to become part of a great family.

jacobs-music-cherry-hill-NJ2And for the end,  Jakobs Music is family owned and still under the same ownership today. You can buy with confidence from them, knowing that they are committed to providing you with the right advice, and they’ll back up your purchase with qualified local technicians, professional delivery, warranty and after-sales support.

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Indoor Aquarium – guide for beginners

Posted by on Nov 23, 2015

The most important decision you’ll make when you want them in your home you have a magical world of water, is a kind of aquarium you may choose. Because you are now in the right place. Modern man has a problem of lack of free time, which results in stress, and one of the drugs for stress and spending time outdoors. Aquarium was one of instant solutions for it. Aquariums give the impression of an oasis and a positive effect on the psyche.

Aquarium3If you are planning an aquarium in your home, it is necessary to know certain rules on maintaining environmental balance of fish and plants. With a little effort, you can have a personal oasis of peace and harmony… Modern man has a problem of lack of free time, which results in stress, and one of the drugs for stress and spending time outdoors.

Aquarium was one of instant solutions for it. In addition to aesthetics, aquariums give the illusion of an oasis and a positive effect on the human brain. Research on this topic is found to observe the aquarium calms the nerves and decreases blood pressure.

tumblr_nxqfvaHVA31qc8yleo1_500Under aquarium mean the container or a space filled with water (with at least one transparent side) the cultivated aquatic animals and plants. To create the aquarium, the most commonly used glass, and plastics (plexy-glass and acrylic). Plastics have many advantages over glass: plastic is two times lighter material than glass, seven times more resistant to breakage and can be shaped as desired. Plexiglas is easily scratched, but can be re-polish (unlike glass). First Aquariums existed in ancient Rome and were made of marble and they are harbored sea cataracts, and in the 14th century in China, have been popular aquariums made of porcelain that are harbored a goldfish. Only in the 19th century in use are entered Aquariums similar to modern.

Flat glass

Classic aquarium with flat glass is made from high quality glass, which is necessary thickness calculated in relation to the volume of the aquarium.

Round glass

13-7Inch-round-fish-tank-Mini-glass.jpg_200x200It is a crystal glass of high quality, whose thickness adjusts the volume of the aquarium. Wrong windows give the effect of depth that visually can create the impression that space is deep and a meter and a half.

Aquaria is a serious hobby, and prerequisites for dealing with it are numerous. It is necessary knowledge of plants and animals that you intend to grow, their needs, natural gait and Development, the conditions in which they reside, etc.

Aquarium in your home

Aquarium in your home or workspace is a new perspective of quality of life. The presence of water, an aquarium with fish, or water fountain sculptures represent an anti-stress program that is available to you, and that will make your everyday life become less tense. Our organism is made up of 60% water, our whole planet makes 2/3 of water. With the water we pristine connected and it is a source of life, but also a source of relaxation in everyday life.

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10 Quick Advices to Decorate the Interior of Your Lovely Home

Posted by on Nov 15, 2015

10 Quick Advices to Decorate the Interior of Your Lovely Home

Designer Alex Hitz is a worshiper of the huge portraits. Although she thinks it is a little bit “ridiculous,” she also thinks it is fun — also, she claims that it adds an amusing texture when it is put on a spot that is unusual for a painting to be hanged.


1-RedDesigner Kelie Grosso thinks that open shelving in the kitchen is the best option, because it allows quick and easy decor changes.


Replace your ordinary chairs with a several rustic metal ones. In order to create a more relaxed atmosphere in the dining room, designer Ramsay Gourd did this.


In order to change a vibe of the living room, swap out one piece of furniture that is usually conventional, with something that is super modern — for instance, buy acrylic coffee table. Pasadena Interior Designer 27 Diamonds claims that due to its transparency, it also makes the seating area seem larger.


Forget simple and boring bathroom. You should turn a floor bright blue! Designer Kari McCabe made this fast change. It allows the tub to be in the center and it makes you to soak in it all day long.


teal-wallHalf of the wall is equal to half of the time! For instance, paint the middle of the wall with a gray paint, and the rest of the wall should remain white, making a subtle and stylish atmosphere.


Since winter is coming you will want to spend your cozy evenings by the fireplace. Also, those restless days of preparation for Christmas must be filled with the feeling of winter and holidays. In the meantime, muted shades of blue, gray, and white will be dominating the landscape of your bedroom walls. PIXERS introduces winter wall murals decorated with pictures of snow and frost. This lovely series includes close-ups of winter’s natural phenomena and mountain vistas.


You should also paint shelves tucked into the walls a bold orange. Just because they are tucked in the back of these, it does not mean that shelves cannot be exposed to a change and make a huge difference.


Designer Ken Fulk claims about his bedroom in his Massachusetts vacation house that: “We call this ‘the sailor room,’ because we went all out with the nautical theme. The mix-and-match nature of the patterns and faded batik prints make it feel like it’s a collection of old textiles brought back from a journey at sea.”


bedroom-decorating-ideas-wall-decoration-modern-wallpaperIf your bathroom is small, you should not cover the whole walls with wallpaper, it would be too much. However,   adding a petite patch makes a statement; also, it would be much quicker and easier to finish decorating the bathroom.

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